At MADiL, making a difference in life is a priority.  We've committed to giving back 10% of all flip flop sales to nonprofit projects, but here's the twist…YOU choose where your give-back funds go!

Purchase flip flops and sandals, charms and bands from, and you can select one of the nonprofit projects featured on our website to receive your 10% give-back funds.  YOU can choose where your funds go, get updates on the progress of your selected project and invite friends to support your cause. 

Purchase through other sales channels (in-store, other websites, etc.) and we'll automatically donate 10% percent of all flip flop sales through these channels to a project that our social media friends and followers choose quarterly. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and we’ll keep you informed on how to participate in our quarterly giving campaign.

As our company grows, so will our giving.  Together we can Make A Difference in Life!